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Restaurants Near the London Eye

The London Eye is right in the heart of London so there is no shortage of restaurants nearby! We have put together our list of where to eat near the London Eye, some restaurants near the London Eye and others just a five or ten minute walk away in case you get hungry!

Azzurro – Waterloo

london eye restaurant

Azzuro is a cheap and cheerful, down to eat Italian restaurant near the London eye which fulfils all of the expectations you can have of an Italian. Pizza, pasta, lasagna…. if you love basil and mozzarella you have come to the right place! A great environment for exciting conversation with friends, Azzuro is a great family restaurant near the London Eye, and at an average cost of £10-12 per head, you can’t really go wrong.

Cuisine: Italian

Time to the London Eye: 5 minute walk


Auberge – Waterloo

French fine dining approximately 15 minutes walk away from the London Eye, Auberge is full of all of the French classics. Fillets of Lamb, fresh beautifully steamed mussels, and salmon are all available with ice cold chardonnays. Food is as simple and flavorsome as it is freshness. A great choice to celebrate a special occasion and if you’re looking for a restaurant near the London Eye.

Cuisine: French

Time from the London Eye: 15 minutes


Tandoor Chop House

Slightly further away from the London Eye, but totally worth the walk, you’ll find the Tandoor Chop House. Famed for using a traditional tandoor oven, you’ll find a menu where the best British produce and classic dishes meet Indian spice and cooking style. There are some absolute stunners on the menu here, if we had to choose a favourite we would have to go for the lamb chips and the bone marrow butter naan (which is worth the trip here in itself).

What is better is the cost. Extremely low for the quality of food you can expect: £4–5 for nibbles, £9–16.50 for main course tandoori items and sides come in at around just £3 each.

Cuisine: Indian

Time to the London Eye: A 15 minute walk



Skylon is a fine dining restaurant with beautiful views of the river, clear glass windows and an elegant art deco setting, making it a great place to impress a business guest or first date. The food is not complicated or complex – anchovies on toast for example, alongside herbal teas and steaks. This London restaurant is one of our more romantic options for where to eat near the London Eye, and makes the perfect location for a dinner after soaking in the view from the top of the Eye! There is a zone for a short visit, great for a coffee and a quick bite to take advantage of the view: sunset time in particular is a great sight. Portions are small, cups and glasses very little: but a great experience nonetheless.

Cuisine: Modern

Time from the London Eye: A 3 minute walk


Crust Bros

After getting famous on the street food scene, the original Dough Bros made the move we were all wishing for and set up a permanent location right by the South Bank IMAX. Anyone who has had a pizza from this dynamic duo will know what all the excitement is about.  In their brick and mortar site you will find the same wood-fired, rustic pizza with bubbling cheese and doughy joy.

Our recommendation is the “Fix Your Own”, where you pick a base and then your choice of amazing Italian toppings for just £1 a go. A range of cheeses, classic salamis as well as charred courgettes and pig cheeks are all on offer. This makes Crust Bros a fantastic option if you are looking for delicious food and a cheap restaurant near the London Eye.

Cuisine: Italian

Time from the London Eye: Crust Bros is a bout a 10 minute walk from the London Eye


Ping Pong – Southbank

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If you are looking for a dim sum restaurant near the London Eye then Ping Pong is for you. If this is your first time to London, then you will quickly discover that Sushi and Dim Sum are very much in fashion. Food arrives in pretty, colourful balls on your plate, beautifully cooked and wrapped in layers of rice, meat, fish and flavours. The best experience at Ping Pong are the teas, which come in a clear glass and a blossoming flower as the staff pour hot water onto it. Fresh, bright and airy, Ping Pong is cheaper than the average London dim sum. A really great, down to Earth eating experience, with some added fun!

Cuisine: Dim Sum

Time to the London Eye: 4 minute walk


Southbank Food Market

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Still looking for restaurants near the London Eye and not sure what you want, or fancy something to grab and go? Head down to Southbank Centre’s food market which offers fantastic street food, a great range of beers, wines and cocktails, delicious coffee, tea and sweet treats. There are thirty odd stall holders to choose from serving everything from wood-fired pizzas, authentic pad thai noodles, warming curries, juicy burgers, vegan Ethiopian, craft beers, interesting cocktails, cake, bubble waffles, great coffee and so much more! A fantastic choice if you are looking for fast food and a different place to eat near the London Eye.

Cuisine: Street Food

Time from the London Eye: 4 minute walk

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