Cheap Eats in Soho

There are loads and loads of options available if you are looking for a cheap eat in Soho, starting from a cost of just £10 per head. Whether it’s a quick stop off for lunch, a meeting, or simply somewhere to eat with friends: here’s our top 5 cheap eats in Soho:

Ping Pong – Soho

Ping pong is a chain dim sum restaurant, best known for it’s high quality food and relaxed environment. Ping Pong is affordable and offers lots of daily special offers, lunch deals and theatre dining deals. The food is fresh, delicious and served quickly. The best thing about Ping Pong is that it does not have a budget feeling to it at all, so if you want to keep your cost dodging under wraps, this is an excellent restaurant to do it in.

Jamon Jamon – Soho

Jamon Jamon is a chilled out yet well attended tapas restaurant. High quality tapas dishes is what this place is all about, this place does tapas very well and at a reasonable price too. The mood is warm and the décor gives a cosy intimate feeling – making it great for a date or a quick stop off on your round of shopping. Tasty and filling though it is, one thing you won’t get is that post-eating sluggishness: you will feel full, fresh and still have some change in your pocket.

Thai Square – Soho

Thai Square is a fantastic restaurant if you are hungry and need to spend those foodie pounds on something that’s going to keep you going for a while! Apart from the menu of classic Thai dishes, including Tom Yum and Pad Thai, the most notable factor of eating here is in the very generous portions that will keep your hunger at bay for a while.

Ukai Sushi – Soho

Authenticity is the name of the game at Ukai Sushi. Ultra modern, this restaurant is geared towards more than just the fab food; it’s the experience that keeps drawing customers back again and again. Flower teas are also popular here, as plants bloom and blossom at the contact of boiling water. The sushi is of an exceptional quality, flavoursome, creative and deceptively filling. An excellent pit stop for low cost dining in Soho.

Delhi Brasserie – Soho

Delhi Brasserie is a warm and welcoming restaurant that serves authentic Indian food in a relaxed, young and vibrant fashion – suiting the Soho scene down to a tee. All of the curry classics are here, and the wooden furniture and intimate layout create a mood and atmosphere that is instantly comfortable. All customers are treated like kings and queens, and breads come freshly made and baked to order, alongside sizzling, spicy and aromatic dishes. Best for a longer sit down eat, this is a lovely intimate space with scrumptious Indian food that will keep you full and warm for less than £10 per head.


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